1. What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a dedicated professional specializing in mortgage financing research. He has the necessary skills to secure you a loan in accordance with industry best practices and standards.

As an independent broker, he is not affiliated with a financial institution or private lender. He is an expert who listens to your needs and possesses a wealth of information on the most advantageous solutions on the market.

Your broker negotiates optimal borrowing conditions, facilitated by a large network of financial institutions. To do this, he:

  • Analyzes your situation (credit rating, borrowing capacity, employment income, debts, down payment (5% minimum));
  • Presents you with a set of financial products and advises you on the ones that suit you best;
  • Prepares your file and presents it to several lenders, which saves you many tedious steps;
  • Secures you a loan with the best possible conditions, at absolutely no cost.

2. What can a mortgage advisor from Victor Hugo Pereira’s team do for me?

Your advisor already has access to all promotions currently being offered by numerous financial institutions, which saves time and all kinds of hassles. He will present you with solutions that best meet your needs.

Using advanced technology, your advisor is connected to financial institutions through a computerized system that ensures an efficient and high quality service. This system updates all mortgage rates, general terms and repayment terms currently available on the market. Ultimately, your advisor specializes in mortgage lending and has a refined knowledge of market trends.

3. What types of transactions can I do?

You can use our services for several types of mortgages, including:

  • For the purchase of a new property;
  • For the refinancing of an existing mortgage;
  • For the renewal of a term mortgage;
  • For the transfer of a mortgage from one financial institution to another;
  • For advice on the mortgage;
  • For access to the RAP program;
  • For access to self-employment funding programs;
  • To obtain a pre-authorization.

4. How much does a mortgage consultant cost?

Nothing. In fact, our mortgage services are free for all residential mortgages. The financial institution pays the fees for each loan application, which are subsequently finalized at the notary’s office.

5. How can my Multi-Prêts mortgage Broker get a better interest rate than that offered my own bank?

Our advisors negotiate with more than 20 recognized financial institutions to get you the best rates on the best terms. It should also be noted that, because Multi-Prêts generates a large volume of transactions at various lending institutions, we are granted interest rate reductions which you benefit from directly.

6. Where can I find the money for my down payment?

  • A donation from a family member and a line of credit;
  • Your RRSPs—with the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP), you can withdraw up to $25,000 from an RRSP, per person, without penalty;
  • Your savings (mutual funds and other investments).

7. Can I be pre-authorized before I even find the property I would like to buy?

Of course. In fact, our lenders offer pre-authorizations that protect your rate against increases for periods ranging from 60 to 180 days. This pre-authorization makes it possible to know your borrowing capacity and, as a result, to be able to shop around for houses that fit within your budget.

8. How can I save on my mortgage?

The easiest way to save on a mortgage is, of course, to get the best possible mortgage rate. However, you can also save by reducing your interest charges by paying down your principal as quickly as possible.

To do this, here are some helpful strategies:

  • Increase the periodicity of your payments. Ask us how much you can save in interest by making weekly or accelerated bi-weekly payments.
  • Make an early repayment.
  • Increase the amount of your monthly payments.
  • Take advantage of the anniversary date of your loan to pre-pay up to 25% (or more) of the original amount borrowed (the principal) depending on the institution, without paying commissions or penalties.
  • And ... there are even more helpful strategies. Contact us!

9. A fixed or floating rate mortgage? How do I know what is best for me?

Your advisor will help you determine this by assessing your tolerance for interest rate fluctuations, your ability to pay and the state of the economy. As a result, you will select the product that is most in line with your preferences and unique situation.

10. What are the advantages of consolidating my debts by refinancing my mortgage?

You could save a sizeable amount if you consolidate all of your high interest loans and credit card balances with your mortgage. The interest rate of your mortgage is usually much lower than the cumulative rates of your various loans. Another advantage: there is only one payment to make.

11. Who are our consultants working for?

For you! A Multi-Prêts advisor is not affiliated with a bank or lender; therefore, he is able to provide you with the best mortgage rates from amongst more than 20 financial institutions in Québec. We advise our clients to … suggest that people look at the products on the market every six months. Saving money is indeed possible!

12. How long has Multi-Prêts been in business for?

For more than 30 years. Founded in Montréal in 1981, Multi-Prêts Hypothèques is the largest mortgage brokerage firm in Canada. In 2011, the company received the prestigious Consumer Choice Award. This is the only award in North America that recognizes business excellence through a statistically valid survey. This survey is conducted by Leger Marketing with consumers and business people. We encourage you to visit the general website of Multi-Prêts Hypothèques: www.levraitaux.com

13. If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

We invite you to contact us by phone, email or by completing the online form. It will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions. We are at your service seven days a week.