Mortgage pre-approval

Mortgage pre-approval:
getting ahead with your
Multi-Prêts mortgage broker

What is mortgage prequalification (also known as mortgage pre-approval)? What are its benefits?

The first step of the mortgage pre-approval process consists of scheduling a meeting with your mortgage broker at Multi-Prêts, absolutely free of charge. During the course of the meeting, you will go through the following key steps:

What are the benefits of mortgage prequalification?

Why entrust your mortgage pre-approval with Multi-Prêts?

In addition to speeding up the purchasing process when you find your dream property, mortgage pre-approval allows you to “freeze” the interest rate for 120 days. Essentially, this guarantees that your rate will not increase during this period. Even if the rate happens to drop further, you can still capitalize on it, ensuring that you get the best rate in this window period.

Properly building your file will also help you save valuable time during your offer. Today, a short 10-day period (including weekends and holidays) is often granted to obtain the necessary financing after the promise to purchase, whereas before this period could extend to 21 days.

In addition, your real estate broker will benefit from your pre-approval results because knowledge of your exact budget allows for more targeted research.