New property

Thinking of buying on the North Shore or in Laval?
Think Multi-Prêts.

Thinking of buying on the North Shore or in Laval? Think Multi-Prêts.
Are you ready to buy a new house, a plex, condo or cottage? Comparing financing offers so you can find a mortgage solution that is best for you?

Our Laval and North Shore-based brokers will not only offer you the best market interest rates. They will be directly involved and guide you through all the key steps of the process so that you can obtain the best possible mortgage.

Rest assured. Together, we will thoroughly analyze your file, answer all of your questions and address your largest concerns. After all, we know that you are about to make one of the biggest investment’s of your life.

Every situation requires a tailored solution. Property ownership is within your reach whether:

Mortgage prequalification : what does it tell you?

To speed up your mortgage approval when you are about to buy, do not forget to proceed with your mortgage prequalification. Learn more here.

5 things that affect your mortgage

What you need to know about the down payment when purchasing a first-time home or condo

As a general rule, you will be required to make:

You will need to demonstrate your ability to pay this amount. However, don’t be discouraged
if you are having trouble. Call us today and we will help you find a solution that fits your lifestyle and financial goals.