BitBox Flasher Module to Access Toyota Denso Gen1 ECU Memory

As operation modes of modern cars engines are stored in the memory of the electronic control unit (ECU) of the car, special tools were developed in order to gain access to this memory and adjust these modes. This process is called chip-tuning, and when correctly applied, it could lead to significant increase in car power (up to 10%, especially on cars with turbo).

Flashers are important chip tuning tools that allow reading and writing the memory of ECU. As different ECU manufacturers use different data standards and signal processing interfaces, universal flashers must support as many ECU models as possible. Some flasher manufacturers decide to add the support of different ECU models to basic versions of their software – but this makes their flashers large, complex and expensive.

Other companies, including BitBox, prefer to add support for different ECU models in optional bundles, known as modules. This makes basic flasher software relatively cheap, light and simple, while allowing the user to customize its possibilities by buying different modules.

Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN module for BitBox software, as well as other chip-tuning solutions, are available at ECUTools online store, which can be found at

BitBox Flasher

BitBox flasher is a software-only solution for PC, which requires the usage of a compatible third-party adapter in order to gain physical access to ECU memory. This solution is compatible with all CAN and K-Line interfaces that support J2534 Pass-thru protocol, so any J2534 Pass-thru adapter can be used with it.

BitBox is provided on a modular basis and requires constant internet access, as it is built using client-server architecture. This allows running BitBox even on a relatively old PC with a weak processor, small RAM and limited HDD space. The price of basic BitBox flasher without any additional modules is only 35$, but the basic version is only compatible with a limited number of ECU models.

BitBox Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN Module

This module allows BitBox chip-tuning program to perform the following operations on Toyota Denso and Fujitsu Ten Gen1 ECU:

  • Identification of ECU model and firmware revision.
  • Reading and downloading files from ECU memory.
  • Writing alternated files to ECU memory.
  • Writing different firmware versions (these files are available at BitBox servers).
  • Performing checksum corrections on adjusted operation mode files.
  • ECU firmware restoration from any state using CAN-bus bootstrap mode.

These ECU models are widely used in recent Toyota cars, including Lexus, Hino, and Scion sub-brands.

Please note that making adjustments to downloaded operation mode files requires the usage of a compatible editor, i.e. BitBox editor.

The price of this module at ECUTools online store is 294$.